How About Them Apples


As I recently got paid (in what seems like forever), I thought I’d buy a few new polishes on my lunch break. The two I picked up were Barry M polishes Sour Apple and sequin nail effect SNP White. Sour Apple is a funky feather style top coat with flakes of yellow, blue and green. While SNP White is an off-white polish with multicoloured sequins throughout. So far I’ve tested out Sour Apple, which I quite like. It reminds me of the feather polishes that are popular right now, like Nails Inc’s Brighton Feathers, which I actually think its supposed to be a dupe of. I adore the orangey coloured version York Feathers by Nails Inc, which I’ll very likely be finding a dupe of or investing in the real thing soon!

20130901-205713.jpg I painted my nails with a few coats of Blue Moon also by Barry M, as a basecoat and then tested out the new polish. One coat gave me subtle covering but I wanted a more bold effect, so I went for three in the end. Now I’d probably go for a fourth on future applications for a full feathered effect and I’d definitely recommend waiting for more than two seconds (like moi) before you reapply. It tends to just move the bits around and take them off, if you don’t leave it long before the next coat.20130901-205726.jpg

I’ve uploaded an extreme(-ly blurred) close up above, so that you can see what its like for yourself. Overall I think the polish is quite cute, it makes me feel very summery and at £3.99 it’s a snip compared to the Nail Inc version. I shall be uploading a quick post in a couple of days trying out the other polish to see what that’s like too.

So stay tuned!

What do you think? Have you tried any new polishes that you love?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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