You’re Next & OOTD 3

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Rating? 18

What’s it about?

When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

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What did I think?

I’m actually really bad with horror films, the only reason I even went to see this was because my Orange code didn’t come through in time to see About Time (the irony). The quickest alternative was Pain & Gain which I refused to see (I’m not a fan of Mark Wahlberg films with the exception of Ted) and ended up suggesting You’re Next instead. Dam you Orange!

Despite this I actually really liked it! Don’t get me wrong I was petrified 75% of the time but it was pretty funny, so it made it more bearable. I loved the fact that it managed to be both funny & scary, while not becoming corny or cheesy. None of those ‘*sigh* stop making bad jokes and just die already’ moments. The laughs were well placed and not too over the top, just enough to relax you before something jumped out & got you!

The story was pretty familiar but had a few unexpected twists to make it interesting (even my boyfriend who loves a good a scary film was surprised a few times). The fact that the killers could tell the difference between the use of ‘you’re’ & ‘your’ was also very impressive. Killer grammar.

Would I recommend?

Yes I would, I really enjoyed it and I’m a massive wuss! Don’t get me wrong its not for the faint hearted but its scare-lariously good. A solid 7/10.

What I Wore

20130904-160326.jpgOk so today’s outfit was inspired by the whole back to school chic that’s hot at the moment. Although sadly I’m all finished with school, for me its more like back to bed. I chose to wear my brand new pink polka dot shirt, which I picked up on my shopping trip yesterday for a bargain £4! As well as my high waisted jeans & skull flip flops. Now I know today was quite hot but as I was going to the cinema, I felt the need to wear my jeans and not shorts because otherwise I freeze to death (might be something to do with the large iceblast I order) ! Despite several attemps, its so dam sunny that the polka dots in my shirt refused to show up in the pictures, so I added I a little close up so you can see just how cute it really is :).


I teamed this with my trusty River Island shoulder bag, which I love because:
1) It fits all my junk in
2) The laser cut detail is so prettyyyyyy

Not that its probably necessary to bring all this stuff with me but hey I’m a girl and what if I actually need it! Makeup wise I went for a neutral coloured lid & a slightly winged liner teamed with pretty pink lip (which is much brighter than in the picture) to emphasize the polka dots in my shirt. Finally I decided to top it all off with a fishtail braid. As much as I love these, especially on my hair as with my dip dye it looks cool, they take forever! Now there’s most likely people out there who can do them in like 10 minutes flat. Well good for you, showoffs! It takes me absolutely ages to do mine, once the top bit is done I do start to get a bit quicker but still not something I could easily do in a rush. Overall I quite like the outfit, I feel very geek chic but admittedly I’m not that keen on the hair with it (no way I’m taking it out after all that effort though!).


Polka Dot Shirt from H&M
High-waisted Jeans from Newlook
Skull Flip-flops from Primark
Laser Cut Shoulder Bag from River Island
Charm Braclet from Pandora
Watch by Marc Jacobs
Glasses by Gok Wan for Specsavers

What do you think? Snapped any bargain recently? Any good at fishtail braids?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂


*Had I known I was seeing a scary film I definitely would of wore something with sleeves to hide behind. I had to make do with my boyfriends jacket!*


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