Moody Nails


Hyper In The Mood PolishImage taken from

I recently was idly flicking through the free mag that ASOS sent me and stumbled across this super cool nail polish. In The Mood polish changes colour depending on your temperature – light if hot & dark if not. I absolutely love this idea, it reminds me of those mood rings I used to love as a kid and screams ’90s chic. My favourite colours that I’ve seen so far are probably Hyper & The Blues, though I’d quite like to mix my mani up with a few of the white based ones so that when its cold i’ve got a funky mismatched look! Now sadly they only currently ship to the USA & Canda (weep, weep 😦 ) but if you’re lucky enough to be living there then here is the link:

Have any of you guys tried them? Would you wear it?

Leave me a comment & let me know 🙂



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