Oh Barry, You’ve Let Me Down


As promised I tested out the other polish that I purchased on payday – Barry M sequin nail effect SNP 1 White (see post here). Now when I picked it up I was super excited and expected a nice white polish with the odd sparkle throughout. Well it was white & it did sparkle, but the result was terrible. I was not impressed with the finish of the polish after a couple of coats. The texture was disgusting & grainy, even if you ignored the sequins the actual white part of the polish had a sandy effect to it too!


Now I love Barry M, I have an entire mini fridge filled with all manner of shades from their collections but this new polish definitely didn’t float my boat. I thought maybe that it was only meant as a top coat but the image from the site kind of suggest that the polish is meant to be textured and would therefore need more than one, no? I tried it again, this time with one coat over the top of a white basecoat. Better, but still not winning me over! Now in the photo above it may look quite nice (I’m actually warming to it looking at the picture) but in real-life the polish still looks quite cheap and kind of tacky. At £3.99 it hardly broke the bank too much but I won’t be rushing out to buy the other colours in this sequin nail effect range.

What did you think? Have you tried it yet or will you be trying it?

Leave me a comment & let me know 🙂



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