Grunge Glam


I wasn’t planning on posting today but I really liked my outfit from yesterday, so decided to share it with you. I wasn’t actually going anywhere, only round to my boyfriends, but threw this together and really liked it. Again the weather was kinda cold, so I stuck on another trusty jumper, this time with my funky spiked shorts, tights & ankle boots. I did plan on leaving my jumper less tucked in to give it more of a baggy effect, but much to my horror I decided to wear it while doing my makeup (just why?!) and spilled a tiny blob of foundation on the bottom šŸ˜¦ . After trying to remove the mark with a makeup remover wipe, which turned it into a paler bigger mark, I was running 20 mins late so the jumper was staying on and I ended up tucking it tightly in so the mark was out of sight.

20130912-154002.jpgMinor disaster averted, I decided my outfit was looking very dark & grey (exactly like the weather) so I decided to jazz it up with something sparkly, in this case my Zara necklace. Who says super sparkly, beautifully embellished, over the top statement necklaces cant be worn during the day?Ā For my makeup I went for a semi-dramatic day eye, which for me consisted of a bronzey-dark brown colour with a thicker winged eyeliner. Though you probably can’t see it in the picture. As for the hair I opted for something different for me and chose a simple ponytail, leaving my fringe bits out and tucking them behind my ears, which I kinda really liked. I loved this outfit, I felt a mixture of casual, elegant & lethal (those spikes on the shorts hurt a bit!).

Slouchy Grey Jumper:Ā Topshop
Black Studded Shorts:Ā Forever 21
Embellished Bib Necklace: Zara
Black Ankle Wedge Boots: New Look

So what did you think? Any tips for removing makeup marks in a hurry?

Leave me a comment & let me know šŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Grunge Glam

  1. This necklace suits this outfit even in the day. Because you are not in some evening outfit. It looks stylish. I don’t know whether I can give and advice. I hope you don’t mind:) It would look cooler if you had thicker tights, not like thicker..but.. opaque. Sorry for my english:D And about make up marks.. once somehow I put foundation on a curtain and it didn’t went away after washing:/ still some trasparent but spot :/

    1. Thank you. Of course you can šŸ™‚ yeah I was looking for different tights but every pair I pulled out had a ladder in, I’m going to have to stock up on new ones haha. Oh no really? šŸ˜¦ Hopefully it comes out!


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