Pink Aztec


Ok so to start off, I was flicking through my free Boots mag when I saw this on the front of the beauty section. Aside from the other lovely nails (I particularly like the gold beads by Models Own) I noticed a not so great pink nail, which much to my satisfaction was the Barry M Sequin Effect Polish in pink. Those of you who read my blog will know I recently slated the polish (see post herebut was beginning to think I had wrote it off too soon and probably just hadn’t applied it the right way. Turns out, as you can see for yourself, the polish looks not that great even when applied correctly all be it much better in the pink version.
20130916-171841.jpgAnyway so, moving on I couldnt resist picking up a couple new polishes on my lunch break. Naturally they were Barry M, can’t really go wrong for £2.99 and I’m supposed to be saving for my holiday, so no expensive polishes anytime soon. I chose to stock up a couple of colours I was running low on – a bright pink & white. After much debating between several different shades of pink I finally settled on GNP 8 Grapefruit from the Gelly Hi-Shine range, which I really love. Its such a bright summery coral pink colour, perfect for perking up my darker winter outfits now the weather gone cold! The other colour was 66 Matt (with no e I might add) White which is just your bog standard white to be honest, although I was quite impressed that it only took two coats to get a decent colour instead of the usual six that my previous polish took.


I tested out the pink polish the other day, after I had to speedily get ready for drinks after work. The colour looked just as nice as in the bottle, dried pretty quickly after a couple of coats and even matched my lipstick, that I had quickly stuck on in an attempt to look like I’d more of an effort (win!). After a couple of days at work my index finger on my left hand had started to chip slightly, which I wasn’t too surprised about usually any polish is ruined by the end of the day! I really liked the colour so I decided to keep it on a bit longer and jazzed it up with some (messy) white Aztec detail over the top. Here’s the finished result.

Now I kinda envisioned this looking a whole lot better in my head. Shaky hands and an old sticky nail pen are not the ideal tools for an intricate nail design! After being unable to repeat the same pattern across my other fingers I opted for a different one on each finger instead. I chose to do a combination of little lines and zig zags patterns to make up my Aztec look and also tried out a cool pattern I saw on FingerTip Fancy that I loved.
20130916-171908.jpgSo what do you think? Have you had any luck with the Barry M Sequin Effect Polish? 

Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂



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