I’m A VIP Don’t You Know


Just a quick one today as I wasn’t planning on posting and I’m currently rushing round trying to make sure I’ve packed everything for my big trip (eek so excited)! Before I go tomorrow I shall be uploading a post on long haul flight outfit tips & what I wore, so stay tuned. I recently got invited to the Next VIP Sale online and took advantage of it this time by snapping up some bargains, which I thought I would show you guys.

How It Looked Online (image taken from Next.co.uk)

Now much to my delight they had these pink coated jeans I had been lusting over for a while (see my Next Bag It Up post) and they were pretty much the whole reason I even bothered to use my time slot. I did have a mild freak out when I got an email saying they were due to arrive the day I went away (how would I return them if they were no good?!) but much to my relief they arrive a few days. Thank you Next!


Real Life 

Ok so the first thing that went into my basket was obviously the pink coated skinny jeans. Online they looked almost is if they were leather look in a cute baby pink colour. However when they arrived, I must admit I was very disappointed. It’s not that they wasn’t nice they were very nice but they were not what I expected at all. They fit well and the colour was true to the picture, they were coated with a slight sparkle giving them a slight shine but they essentially looked just like pink jeans. I took a picture for you guys to see for yourself what they looked like in real-life above. If it wasn’t for the fact that I already own a very similar pair of pink jeans I would have kept them but sadly I’m gonna have to return these. If you don’t own a pair of pale pink jeans (pink is the colour of the season), then I would definitely recommend snapping these up as they are a great fit, look fab and are only £18!

Red Cuff Next Shoes
How It Looked Online (image taken from Next.co.uk)

Second in my shopping bag was these red ankle cuff two part shoes. I’ve been after a new pair of flats and fancied something colourful to jazz up my black outfits, plus I wouldn’t be able to ruin them at work (something that eventually happens to all of my black flats). I saw these and loved them and at £12 I couldn’t resist! When they arrived they looked exactly as they did online, much to my relief, however trying them on they weren’t quite how envisioned them. The fronts on the shoes were a little too low for my liking and shows a bit too much toe cleavage (as my mum likes to call it) for my liking. Roughly translated they show too much of the start of your toes (see the picture above), which for me is a bit of a probably as I have quite long toes. Anyway enough of the foot talk. I couldn’t really decide whether I liked these or not, they did look good with jeans but not as amazing as I expected them too. Despite this on the fence-ness I have decided to keep them and will no doubt be debuting them in Chicago!

20130924-184423.jpgReal Life

880-084-X52sss2How It Looked Online (image taken from Next.co.uk)

Next up was this textured floral top that I had seen in store and also on the example entry for the Next Bag It Up competition. I really liked the girly grunge look of it and had been tempted to buy it on a few occasions when I was in the Next stores itself. When it came it looked exactly as it did online/in store and I was really happy with it (especially at the reduced price). Trying it on I discovered that it was quite a thick texture, which I kinda liked and thought would be handy for the coming cold weather but the style really just didn’t suit me. The pattern of the top also made me feel a bit like I was wearing it inside out, so this one will be sent back too.

Real Life

850222How It Looked Online (image taken from Next.co.uk)

After getting a bit depressed that most of my items weren’t quite right, I finally opened up the last item in my package. I put this necklace into my bag purely for the sake of it. I had, had my eye on another (cheaper) necklace but after logging in 30 mins late it had been completely wiped out and I begrudgingly added this more expensive necklace instead. When it came I absolutely loved it! It’s so heavy and looks beautiful, especially when the light hits the gems. This item was by far my favourite out of the lot and I can see it becoming one of my staple night out accessories. It was originally £35, I can understand as it has hand cut glass (or something, its packed now so I can’t tell you), and I got it for £15, which when you look at the quality I’m now considering a bargain!

Real Life

So did you guys snap up any bargains?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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