Let’s Fly, Let’s Fly Away

Hi Guys, Sorry if like me, you now have Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra stuck in your head and the urge to watch Catch Me If You Can but I thought it a fitting title as I’m flying off to Chicago!! Now i’m assuming that most of you, like me, like to plan your outfits for events such as nights out, weddings, dates, flying etc. It’s because of this i’ve decided to write this post on a few outfit tips & things to consider when planning your outfit for a long-haul flight, something which I had struggled with when trying to decide what to wear myself. First things first! Long haul flights require an outfit that is mainly comfortable not solely fashionable, that’s not to say throw fashion out the window and chuck on a tracksuit. Just don’t do a Lady Gaga and put on some bandage style outfit complete with ridiculously sky high heels, deep vain thrombosis is not a good luck plus it can be potentially fatal 😮 !

20130920-141517.jpg Images taken from Google.com

Loose fitting clothes are a winner, you want something you can move around in and sleep in. Skinny jeans may be tempting but lets face it, they are not meant for sitting in, especially for more than an hour! One of the best bets are leggings or the currently fashionable loose trousers, as they cover you up but you can move about it them and aren’t too restrictive. One of the things people often forget when flying, is the temperature! Sure it might be boiling when you get there but if your flying from a colder climate don’t be that person walking round in shorts (something i’ve been guilty of on previous flights). The trick is layering, don’t forget that the plane itself may end up colder than either of your destinations & those scratchy blankets hardly help. I remember flying back from New York one year in a pair of flowy shorts, the weather was warm enough both when I went to airport in NY & landed in the UK but the freezing temperature of the plane for the eight hour flight was not fun. If you are flying to a sub-tropical climate why not pack a spare outfit to change into before you land, otherwise layering really is your new best friend! Clever flyers will stick to a breathable, comfortable bottom, top and a jumper or jacket with a scarf!

20130920-160838.jpgMy not so clever NY – UK flight outfit.

Now when I say scarf I don’t mean a big thick wooly one, a nice large cotton/silk/chiffon one can be the perfect flight accessory. Why? Well for starters it will keep you that extra bit warm going to the airport, especially if its in the early hours of the morning, it can also be used a bunch of different ways during your flight too! Still a bit cold? Use your scarf as a blanket for an extra layer of warmth. Tired? Fold your scarf up to use it as a pillow to rest your head on and catch some sleep. Scared you’re dribbling in your sleep? Wrap yourself up in your scarf and drape it over your head to shield yourself a bit, may not be sexy but then neither is dribbling! As I mentioned earlier don’t go wearing crazy shoes like Gaga. Tempting as it may be to wear those cute mega wedges with your outfit because they go and they take up less weight in your baggage allowance, don’t! You gonna want something you can slip on & off while in your seat plus something stable so you don’t go flying if you get up and there’s a bit of turbulence! If you have got a heavy pair of flats and you could do with making your suitcase that bit lighter, then wear those. However its best to avoid laces, not only will they slow you down if you take them off and need to make a quick trip to the bathroom but sometimes your feet can swell during flights & putting them back on before you land can be considerably trickier than usual.

20130920-161809.jpgRosie Huntington-Whiteley keeps it natural. Image from Google.com

Hair and make up wise its best to keep it simple. Yes that pretty up do might make you look like an uber glam style queen on the way to the airport but chances are it will last an hour on the flight before it becomes a mess or just damn right uncomfortable. Best to keep your hair down and freshly cleaned! Your hair is bound to go flat or even a bit greasy during the flight, so its better to start of with clean hair that way it won’t get too much worse. For your make up I would suggest keeping it minimal, after all do you really want to clog your pores up with a heap of makeup and then sit on a plane with dry recycled air for the duration of your flight? No, I didn’t think so. If you are planning on sleeping or even if you aren’t, taking off your makeup and applying some moisturiser to your skin can do wonders. Of course you can put a full face of makeup on before you land if you really must or just stick with the oversized sunglasses.

Just a warning if you are planning on doing a mini spa style facial during the flight, remember about security! Here in the UK you are only allowed to bring liquids or gels etc that are under 100ml, this goes by the container size. For example if you’ve got some super expensive face cream in a 150ml pot but there’s only a tiny bit left, they’re not gonna let you take that through in your hand luggage and chances are its going in the bin no matter how much you protest. As well as this you can only take as many that fit inside those clear bags they give you and it’s one per person only. Its also worth checking out the security rules and procedures for the country you’re flying too as well, so your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

I chose to go with leggings, a basic long vest, checked blazer, scarf & flats. I chose these cause they are comfy for the flight, they are also light enough for the weather when I land (- the blazer) and the blazer means I have a bit of extra space & weight free in my case. Now usually I would be going for little to no makeup, as I’m just gonna take it off when I get on board anyway. However I’m flying with my boyfriend, who works at the airport, so we’re bound to run into someone he knows! I fully intend to take it all off and have a nap when I’m on the plane though, so that I’m nice and refreshed for when we land (yes i’ll be reapplying a light layer before touching down).

Let me know any of your flight tips by leaving me a comment!

See ya soon! Happy flying 🙂



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