Return of the Skort


As promised here is the second part of my summer buys post! Now these are my main buys from February/March sort of time, its not to say that I won’t be buying more (I definitely will) and keeping you updated on here. I’ve ordered a few which still haven’t arrived (much to my disappointment) so I’ll just be uploading the product photos for now.

Lipsy VIP Stripe Shift DressImage taken from

I suppose I’ll start with my investment in this little Lipsy number. Now I should probably explain that I ordered this dress in a size 6, which isn’t my size but I wanted to get a rough idea of what it would look like in person. I then returned it and have ordered a size 8 which should be coming in a few weeks or less. Even in the wrong size I am still in love with this dress! I love the colour, the stripes, the length – just everything. I spotted this dress while I was trying to find something for my birthday (yes its in May but I was bored) and instantly fell in lust with it. It’s slightly pricey at £80 but it is so worth it, the fabric of the dress is lovely and I was happy to pay it for the quality. Even when i tried on the size 6, the lining of the dress felt so nice to wear and definitely helped when trying to squeeze my bum into it! This dress is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it more than once (unlike some of my dresses). The beige/nude colour is perfect for this seasons nude trend and gives the dress an effortlessly elegant feel. Combine this with the length and it only makes you feel more sophisticated! The dress is not too short but also not so long that you have to waddle or feel frumpy. In the words of Goldilocks its just right. As I said I purchased this for my birthday, which I am yet  to decide what I’m doing, but I am VERY excited to wear it.20140328-100632.jpg
Another one of my buys was this Lipsy playsuit. I actually ordered this with the Lipsy dress incase I didn’t like it and ended up liking & keeping both. I remember seeing this playsuit awhile ago on the Next website and loved it but the £55 price tag put me off at the time. Thank god for the Next sale, I snapped this up as soon as I saw it at a much more reasonable price of £27.50! This playsuit is super cute and the tweed pattern makes it easier to dress down for the day or up for night. One of the things I have planned for my birthday is a fun cocktail making class for me and a few friends, which i think this will be perfect for. I always like to dress up and make an effort for my birthday so I think this playsuit will be perfect for an afternoon of cocktail shaking & making in London, while not be too OTT.

And now for the main summer buys. That’s right the skort is back and my inner 90’s kid (and fashionista) could not resist buying one. Not wanting to break the bank I opted for a black eBay copy of the famous Zara skort, which at £7.99 I felt was more justifiable after my recent Lipsy splurges. This is another buy I really loved. I found the skort just so comfy, all the style of the skirt but the freedom of shorts. I took mine out for a spin around London and felt effortlessly chic while also feeling at ease weaving around the busy crowds. Admittedly I did struggle to find something to pair with my skort at first (mainly because of the cold weather) but after scouring Pinterest for inspiration I managed to come up with tons of ideas. I chose to team my skort with my leather front top, tights, boots, jacket and fur wrap, channeling my inner goth in an all black ensemble. I loved my black skort so much that I decided to order it in white too! Now I feel as though my white one should be saved for warmer weather so I can bare my legs, so am yet to wear it. I did notice however that the back (the short part) looks a tad see-through but then that’s what you get for only paying £7.99 and not £25.


All in all I am very happy with my buys and can’t wait to wear them all! I apologize for the late post, I was waiting for my white skort to arrive (which is also why its so creased in the picture, fresh from the packet!).

Have you tried the skort? How did/would you wear it?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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