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Hi Guys,

Sorry my post is late again, I’m trying honest! This week I decided to write about my recent beauty buys. I originally intended this post to be of all of my recent beauty buys but it was just to long! So I’ve decided to split it into two posts, one of the products I’ve never tried before and the second of my regular beauty purchases.

Ok so first up we’ll start with a newbie – Soap & Glory’s Super Sit Tight Intense XS. I remember seeing this ages ago and always heard good things about it, but at around £20 I’d much rather buy 10 new nail polishes from Barry M. So you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when I saw this in Boots for the bargain price of £4! It was also included in the 3 for 2 deal Boots had on so I snapped up 2 & some of their body scrub and gave one to my mum (I’m nice like that). Well I love the packaging, like the majority of Soap & Glory’s stuff its super cute, it also comes with a handy roller ball massaging applicator. Now apparently it has pressocapsular-firm plus detoxyboost technology, puffdrain 82 AND slimergy-3 caffeine complex (fancy) not that I have a clue what that means or what it’s suppose to do but it certainly feels like it’s doing something. I tried this out while I was getting ready for a party and omg I was not expecting what happened! Right so let me point out first that it does say on the packaging

You may feel slight and immediate heating…

Which is a bloody understatement let me tell you now! As I was happily doing my makeup in my dressing gown my bum was slowly getting hotter and hotter (much to my boyfriends amusement), the only way to describe it is when you place you finger over a candle and you eventually take it away when it gets too hot. Well imagine that on your bum cheeks! It didn’t hurt but it does get pretty damn toasty,my mum was also pretty shocked when she tried it out (I may have forgotten to warn her). Anyway the next few times I’ve used it, it hasn’t been quite as intense but still very warm! In a way though I kinda like it as I definitely felt it was doing something. As for my cellulite (did I mention that’s what it’s for) it appears to have improved slightly but again as it says on the packaging it

will not move mountains…

so don’t expect too much from this stuff. Overall I think this product is worth it for £4 so if you fancy a bit of heat hurry and get yours.
Pomegranate Carmex.jpgAnother product I decided to test was the new Pomegranate Carmex. I’ve tried (and lost) every flavour so far of Carmex from original to mint, with cherry so far being my favourite. So when I saw the new pomegranate flavour I had to test it out, there is also a lime but I’ll try that out once I lose this one. Unlike their other products this one comes in a normal twist lip balm style compared to their usual squeezy tubes & little pots. I quite like it like this because its much easier for a quick application plus it saves me from getting it on my fingers (those pots can be a pain to get the product out of sometimes). As for the new scent I must admit I’m not overly keen on! I love pomegranate so I was excited when I saw this and chose it over the lime version as I was expecting something special. However this smelt a little too sickly for my liking, admittedly it does smell like pomegranate, just not as fresh and fruity as I would have liked. I hoping the lime will meet up to my expectations and smell delicious! Aside from the smell this is not a bad lip balm, like the rest of the Carmex range it goes on nicely and gives you a slight tingle. I have been using my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm recently, as I always find it first and personally prefer this as it makes my lips feel much softer. However if you like the Carmex formula but the ease of a regular lip balm applicator then this might be worth trying out.

20140403-104717.jpgLastly I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the new Rita Ora for Rimmel polish I purchased. I bought this with the intention of painting my nails on the way to go see 8 out of 10 cats, sadly though my friends driving is not nail painting friendly and neither is this polish. I’ll start off by saying I love the colour of this nail polish. I’ve been looking for a nice pale pink for ages and this one is perfect, it’s an almost white looking pink so it really stands out against your skin and brings out your tan (even if you don’t have one). I also love the name too 203 Lose your lingerie, how cheeky! However there are a few things I didn’t love about this polish. When painted on normally one coat is super patchy and even with a second it’s still not great. In fact in the end I ended up painting on three or four thick coats just to get a decent coverage and then when I applied my topcoat it went a bit bubbly (a symptom of too much polish). This also meant that it took quite awhile to dry, which is why i wouldn’t recommend this colour in a hurry, and therefore smudged easily if not careful. I did get a lot of compliments however at work on it and the colour does look really nice on (from afar all be it).
20140403-132832.jpg I decided to jazz mine up a little with a couple of nail stickers I had purchased around Christmas. Like the nail polish though these were a bit of a disappointment too. They were quite raised and didn’t really blend into the nail very well like other stickers. They also did not stick very well at all! They last a day before a piece of hair got caught underneath them and ripped the ends off, which is a real shame as there are some real cute ones in the rest of the pack.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think of them?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂






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