Something Old


As I said in my previous post Something New… I had to split my beauty buys post into two. So here’s the other half – my regular beauty buys.

This buy is a favourite of mine which I was running low on so I stocked back up. Now I’m not a huge fan of heavy foundation, I used to have MAC Studio Sculpt but found it too thick. I used to use L’Oréal’s BB Cream they brought out which I loved until I tried out L’Oréal’s Nude Magique CC Cream for Anti-Redness. This stuff looks pretty funky considering it comes out green (I was scared I was gonna look ill when I first bought it) but it blends into your skin colour thanks to it’s use of smart pigment capsules. Admittedly it’s not dead on, it does give me a slight tan but I like that and it doesn’t look too different from the rest of my body (I don’t like to tan my face so I match). My cheeks are quite red so this cc cream is perfect to balance that out for me. However it’s very light so don’t expect it to cover any red blemishes, I still my normal concealer for darker areas like around my nose or pimples. For me though this is a perfect everyday base as it’s very light & doesn’t leave you looking too cakey. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty I probably wouldn’t recommend it though.

Next up is another favourite of mine – Radox Uplifting Pink Grapefruit & Basil Shower Gel. OMG this stuff smells soooooo good! I know its just shower gel but I thought it was worth sharing on the smell alone. It just smells incredible and is brilliant in the morning after I’ve reluctantly got out of bed. Its usually on offer for £1 at Boots too so its rude not too. They’ve got a couple of good scents in this range, my other favourite is Radox Revive Mandarin & Lemongrass  which is also absolutely amazingly delicious! Even though they last quite long I’m always stocking up on these in bulk when they’re on offer, you could say I’m addicted.
Lastly is Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration PrimerI saw this stuff in a magazine last year and decided to try it out. After hunting it down in my local Superdrug I was finally able to call it mine. I’ve tried other primers before such as the No.7 Mattifiying one, which dried my skin out terribly. This product however is great for me as my nose tends to get quite dry so moisturised my face will helping to make my makeup last that little bit longer. I would definitely recommend putting this on first and waiting for in to absorb before moving on to foundation, I find that if I don’t it sort of mixes with the foundation and makes a horrible crumbly effect (ain’t nobody got time for that). My makeup usually lasts quite well without using a primer but it goes that extra mile with this underneath. It also helps out to smooth out any pores and creates a much better canvas to apply makeup on to. At £4.99 for such a big pot I certainly this better value for money than some of the other high street brands offer.

Have you tried any of these? What are your beauty must haves?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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