Spring Nails

Hi Guys,

Just a short post today. I tried out this new design on my nails, that was inspired by the new polish I got in my Something New post and really liked it. So I decided to share it with you.

It’s not exactly a ‘new’ design I’ve done this pattern a few times before in different colours but wanted to try out a design with my new pink shade & my white polish. The result was this very cute spring look, that will look great against a tan (as all lighter nail polish shades usually do).Nails 1

Ok so to start paint your nails your base colour. I used Barry M Nail Paint in 66 Matt White but you can use any colour you like. LET IT DRY. I cannot stress this enough, I do not mean touch dry I mean bone dry! If you don’t then you will just peel all of your polish off when you apply the tape later. Trust me I’ve done it loads of times, I usually find it easier if I leave them for a day and just update my plain nails the next day.Nails 2

Ok so now they’ve dried (hopefully) get out your trusty Sellotape. I recommend taping it to your hand first to remove some of the stickiness. Place your tape diagonally over half of your nail (the part you wish to keep white or whatever base colour you chose). Take your second colour and paint over the exposed half of nail. I chose Rita Ora for Rimmel in 203 Lose Your Lingerie, which only needed one coat over the white this time!
Nails 3

Wait for it to dry & apply your top coat of choice to secure your design. Done! I used Miss Sporty Disco Tech topcoat which I’ve only just found out glows under UV lights, how cool is that!
Will you be trying this out? What did you think?

Leave me a message and let me know šŸ™‚



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