Almost Perfectly Polished


After a very busy but fun birthday/bank holiday weekend I’ve finally had a moment to chill and do nothing, so I took the opportunity to test out one of my birthday presents & write a review for you guys. The present was this lovely Fearne Perfectly Polished set, which contained six different shades of nail varnish. For any of you who are new, I love nail polish so this is the perfect present for me. I have a couple of the nail polish sets from Fearne’s range at Boots and haven’t really used them much, but these colours look so pretty that I can see myself using them a lot. Not only are the colours & packaging cute but so are the individual names of the polishes! Here’s what we’ve got:

1. Minty Maggie – pale turquoise
2. Gold Lining – sparkly gold
3. Attention Seeker – dark pink/purple
4. Rubi Red – bright coral
5. Vintage Cream – nude with a subtle shimmer
6. Lola Lavender – blue/purple violet


Ok so first off let’s start with Minty Maggie. I really liked the look of this colour, it’s a very fun bright shade that’s perfect for summer! The picture above is only one coat, which is not too bad considering it’s quite a light shade. However I would definitely recommend another coat to get a better coverage, as its slightly streaky.

Our second colour is Gold Lining. Now I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this one! I had originally thought that it was going to be a top coat style glitter, giving only a light coverage but it’s actually a glitter polish. The picture above is just one coat and I’d be happy to leave it at that. The colour is strong enough on its own that a second coat is just a waste.


Next up is Attention Seeker. I initially wasn’t a big fan of this colour when I first saw it in the bottle. However when I tested it out for you guys to see, it didn’t look too bad. Again like the others I’ve only used one coat and it’s a nice dark fuchsia shade. I did paint this one over the top of Vintage Cream (sorry I ran out of fingers on that hand) so it’s got more of stronger coverage than it might have on it’s own. This one feels like it will need more than one coat on it’s own. Which is a shame because I don’t think I’d like the colour to be any darker than it is with just the one coat!


Fourth on the list the Rubi Red. This is more of a coral shade than a red, however I’m sure if you put enough coats on it would probably look more red. I decided to wear this for work today so I settled for just one. Mainly because I wanted it to dry quickly and avoid smudging it. Like the others it’s not too bad with just the one coat, I kind of prefer it because of the more pink tinge it has compared to a bright red. It dried quick enough and wasn’t too streaky, for a bolder colour I’d go another coat.


Moving on to Vintage Cream. This one was definitely my favourite when I first saw the box. It’s such a lovely nude colour (very now) with a subtle pearly sheen to it. The formula for this polish was very weak though, it took me at least 3 quite thick coats to get a decent coverage, that the others gave in just one. Because of this it took a lot longer to dry and I managed to smudge the corner. How disappointing!


Lastly is Lola Lavender. I’m still not 100% how I feel about this colour, I’ve never been a massive colour of purple on my nails. This one is a very blue toned purple (to my boyfriend it was just plain blue). Unlike Vintage Cream it gives a good enough colour with just one coat. The colour though reminds me of the kinds of shade you’d get with a play makeup set with you’re little so puts me off a bit.


Overall I was quite pleased with the polishes. They are (relatively) quick drying and the range of colours are lovely, while also quite complementary of each other. There are a few shades that i’m not too keen on or are a bit too thin for my liking but the other shades more than make up for them.

What did you do over the bank holiday? Which shade is your favourite?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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