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Hey Guys,

This weeks post is gonna be part review, part tutorial (similar to my spring nails post ). I recently picked up my belated birthday present from my Dads house, which was a 3 week nails Gel nails starter kit and thought I’d let you know what I think of it.

So what does it include?
Well you get the UV lamp, nail cleanser & remover, orange sticks, nail buffer as well as the base gel, top coat and 4 colours. The colours in my pack are two red shades, a pink and a red glitter polish.

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What did I think?
When I first received the present I decided to immediately try it out. The pack doesn’t come with instructions on how to assemble the actual lamp, which is a bit of a pain but it’s fairly straightforward. Once I had managed to contort my hand so I could fit the bulbs into the lamp, it then became apparent that the bottom was removable for easy assess! Once I had the lamps clicked in it was a fairly simple process to follow. All you do is paint the base on, stick your hand in the lamp for 2 mins (made handy with the timer button) and repeat for every other coat you do (including individual colour coats & top coat of course). After that you simply wipe off the sticky film with the cleanser and you’re done, perfect nails for 3 weeks.

This is where the problem lays though. I can barely stick with one nail design a week let alone a plain colour for 3 weeks! On my first attempt I tried out the sparkly colour, which was a bit thin and required 3 coats, only to decide I was bored of the colour by dinner and promptly picked it off. I did persevere however and tried again using some of my own nail polishes in between the gel. This I would highly not recommend doing, it looked awful and wouldn’t set properly, much to my dismay! In the end I decided to use the pink colour provided and painted on a pretty daisy design on with my nail pens. This worked quite well and I’m happy with the result & finish so far, I’ll keep you updated if the gel ruins my nails in a few weeks when I come to take it off. It’s been 5 days so fair and they’ve not chipped at all, even after being at work and doing the washing up (my normal polish would be ruined by now)!


Here’s the tutorial for my daisy look. You’ll need a base colour of your choice, a white & orange nail art pen and top coat.

First off start by painting on your base colour, two coats should be enough to get a decent colour and let it dry.

After it’s touch dry (or dry enough to drag your brush over if you’re impatient like me) you can start your daisys. Take your white pen and draw short lines from the corner of your nail fanning out as you go. Keep the line touching at the centre so it looks more like a flower than a star burst.

Next get your orange nail pen (or orange nail polish and a dotting device) and place a small dot in the middle of the flower you’ve drawn. Presto, one daisy!

Repeat to your liking and finish with a clear top coat to seal.

Sorry for the lack of visuals I’ve been super busy but will be uploading more later.

Will you be trying these nails out?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂


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