Oops I Did It Again

Hi Guys,

I apologize for the Britney themed post name (which if like me you now have stuck in your head) but I just couldn’t help it. Last weekend I made me first ever pilgrimage to Westfields Stratford and lost my Westfields virginity by blowing most of my money on clothes. So here’s another one of my ‘What I bought‘ style posts.

20140603-151950-55190692.jpgMint Lace Necklace – £7.40, Black & Gold Necklace £7.40, Faux Leather Bib Necklace £10.65 all Forever 21.
Daisy Chain Necklace £7 River Island.

Ok so I’ll start off with the many, many necklaces I decided to purchase. I love a statement necklace as you may or may not have guessed already and decided an extra 4 to add to my collection was completely necessary. I got the majority of them from Forever 21, with the exception of the daisy chain one from River Island, and paid just under £10 for each. I can’t decide which one I like best, so its lucky I bought them all. However I do adore the daisy chain style one just a tiny bit more than the others, as it brings back fond memories from when I used to make them at school. I’ve also just realised that the black and gold necklace has a removable pendant on it so you can wear it as a simple chain too, how handy!

20140603-154508-56708496.jpgWrap Front Sleeveless Shirt – £26 River Island
(out of stock in white, other colours here)

I wanted this shirt for a while and it was out of stock in white in my local River Island, so when I saw it in the Stratford branch it went straight into my basket. I exchanged it for a pair of shoes that I had bought and decided once I’d got them home that I didn’t like, so I like to think of it as being free. However if you want to buy it for yourself its £26. I needed a simple white shirt in my life and the dipped hem & wrap front make this one perfect for dressing up or down.

20140603-151956-55196468.jpgFavourite Skinny Jeans – £7, Sleek Skinny Jeans £8.75 both Forever 21

I also picked up these jeans from Forever 21 as my others are starting to get a bit faded and baggy. I like these because unlike normal skinny jeans they’re thinner and more stretchy, which means you can do things like sitting (and just general movement) for much longer without feeling like the back of your legs are dying. I like them even more because they were both under £10 though. I went for a black highwaisted pair and a lighter regular pair.

20140603-151955-55195434.jpgReversible Cut out Bikini Top £24.50, Pineapple Ruched Side Bikini Bottom £19.50 both PINK by Victoria’s Secret

Next up is this pineapple print bikini from PINK by Victoria’s Secret. Yes it cost me a lot of money for a bikini, but I’m midly obsessed with Victoria’s Secret and had to have it. I justified it to myself by thinking of the top as being £24.50 for two instead of one, seeing as its reversible and all. I really like the fruity pattern and the cut out detail to the front gives it a twist. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough for me to sunbathe in this beauty (even if it will give me odd tan lines).

20140603-151953-55193151.jpgFloral Playsuit £5, Lace Print Top £4 both Primark

Lastly are my two bargain buys from Primark. As it was so busy and my other shopping was weighing me down I didn’t really spend a lot of time in Primark. I did manage to get this pretty monochrome (who needs colour) patterned top for £4. As well as this super adorable blue floral playsuit for £5! I love this playsuit, its so cute and perfect for when the weather warms up, definitely worth the gigantic queue.

Have you bought any bargains recently? What do you think?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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