Nailed It!


I was shopping in my local Boots store when I came across these House of Holland for Elegant Touch nail packs on the clearance shelf. I’m not usually one for false nails but the designs on these packs are amazing, if you haven’t already seen/heard of them (they came out last year) check them out here. Normally around £9 I couldn’t resist picking up the Get Nailed pack at the clearance price of £2, even if just for the stickers!Get Nailed HOH

The pack comes with 24 false nails in 10 sizes as well as nail glue, a nail file & the set of alphabet stickers (oh and instructions but who needs those!). The false nails themselves come in white with a black outline, which I did quite like, but personally I found that the nails were a little too long for my liking. I’ve placed them over my natural nails in the picture and once they’re all on they do look pretty good, however I decided to leave these and just use the stickers on my natural nails instead.


The first problem I had with these stickers was what on earth to write across my digits. After brainstorming for several minutes and coming up with nothing, I decided to play it safe and stick with the alphabet (or the first 10 letters at least). The letters themselves are quite tricky to peel off the backing and I found that if they stuck to themselves they weren’t coming  apart. I managed to get my left hand done fairly straightforward (I had a minor set back with the B) and they looked quite good. On my right hand though it was a whole different story! The letters were all wonky and the stickers kept folding over when I stuck them down or ruining my base colour. I’m guessing this is probably why they’re meant to go onto the false nails to make the application a little easier.

Overall I really like the look of these (if I ignore my right hand) although I probably wouldn’t have paid full price for them. If you like false nails though and don’t mind them being a little long, then I’d highly recommend these as the designs are so fun!

Have you tried these out? Whats your favourite HOH nail design?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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