Fiber Lash Review


Those of you who have Instagram (depending who you follow) may or not have seen the hot new product that is fiber lashes. The idea is that instead of getting expensive lash extensions or applying falsies daily, you simply use this magic two part kit and you’ll have all the effect of false lashes without the need for tweezers & glue. I was kind of skeptical/intrigued so I decided to order myself a kit to see for myself. Not being made of money, I opted for a cheap set first (with good reviews naturally). This was so if it did have any resemblance of an effect I liked, I could then invest in a much more expensive version.20140614-133956-49196844.jpgThe set I went for was these Love Alpha Fiber Lashes, though according to reviews these are not the real Love Alpha brand. They took just over two weeks to arrive but as I paid less than £10, so I wasn’t too annoyed. When I finally got them I was pleasantly surprised! They come in this smart looking leopard print glasses case, which opens up to reveal two mascara style tubes – one being the transplanting gel and the other the natural fibers. Looks wise I was really impressed considering the price I had paid. The instructions that came with them were in Chinese but luckily I’d already read the instructions on the site I bought them from, as well as in the reviews.

20140614-133953-49193923.jpgThey’re not exactly difficult to use. All you have to do is simply apply one coat of your regular mascara and let it dry, then apply the transplanting gel (its like mascara) and immediately after the natural fibers. From what I read on the reviews, the key is to be quick or else it doesn’t work as well and you end up with the fibers shedding onto your face throughout the day (ain’t nobody got time for that!).20140614-133958-49198012.jpgAnyway so that’s what you do, my first attempt didn’t really have the desired affect so I applied a second coat. The general affect was good, but it wasn’t something I felt I couldn’t achieve with several coats of regular mascara. Wanting the dramatic falsie look, I decided to add another coat, this time being more generous with the transplanting gel. I’ve added a couple of pictures comparing the difference between the second and third coat. To me the only difference I saw, was that lashes now had that ‘spider leg’ effect that I’m not a fan of (I prefer a more fluttery feathered look). After I’d given them a slight comb through and a curl, I was slightly happier with the result, although I’d hardly say they were false eyelash long.20140614-133958-49198708.jpg20140614-142951-52191565.jpgTrying not to feel too disheartened, I decided to test them out on my Mum instead. My Mum has barely any lashes at all, making her the ideal candidate for a product like this. I explained how to do it and let her apply one coat herself, to see if it made a difference. I’ve added another comparison below of her results. With just the one coat on my Mum’s lashes, it made such a big difference! She really loved it and will probably be stealing this off me later. The first coat gave her a dramatically longer set of lashes, which makes me want to try this again with just the one coat. Hopefully it will have as successful results for me, as it did for her.20140614-144835-53315291.jpgOverall I think the kit is well worth its money, though maybe more so for people with shorter lashes. I probably won’t bother investing in a more expensive pair, as from what I’ve read they aren’t much better than this one. I think this set is good, if you’re looking to get longer looking lashes for the day but for a night time look it definitely doesn’t compare to false eyelashes!

Have any of you tried fiber lashes yet? How were your experiences with them?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



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