My First Collaboration Post!

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lack of communication for all my social media buddies out there, I’ve recently started a new job and my iPhone has decided to die on me! This weeks post will be a collaboration with fellow blogger Orianna Rosa Royle. If you haven’t already checked out her blog go have a look, she’s recently updated her blog (with a little help from moi) and its full of great recipes & beauty tips among other things!

What We Did

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So as the weather was nice we both headed over to Richmond on the green for a picnic in the sunshine. For those of you who haven’t been, I would highly recommend it, It’s full of great places to shop & eat. After our picnic we decided to stroll down by the river and get some delicious home made lemonade. We ended the night watching Grease and doing nails in true girly form. For Orianna’s nails I did an aztec design on her ring finger & my own I did a watermelon design. Here’s how to create them both.



You will need: 1x base colour of your choice, 1x nail pen in contrasting colour of your choice, topcoat

  1. First off start by painting your nails a base colour, we went for a bright pink (similar to Barry M Gelly Shine in Grapefruit).
  2. Once that’s dry use your nail pen in a contrasting colour to draw on a funky design. When it comes to aztec, triangles, dots & lines are your best friend! Don’t be afraid to play around with the thickness of some of the lines too, we messed up on one part and painted straight over it- which actually made it look better!
  3. Lastly once this had time to dry a little apply your top coat. If you apply the top coat straight away you could smudge the white design into your pink :/.



You will need: 1x pink nail polish, 1x green nail pen/polish , 1 x white nail pen,  1 x black nail pen, topcoat
1x lighter green nail pen (optional)

  1. Start by painting your nails a pink base colour. A bright coral or fuchsia shade is best as we want them to look like a watermelon slice (duh!).
  2. Next up paint the tip of your nail green. You don’t want this to be too thick, about the same width you’d use for french tips.
  3. Underneath your green tip paint a thin white line where the green & pink meet.
  4. For the pips paint on 3 black dots below your green tips. Make sure to leave a slight gap between so they are more defined.
  5. Add a top coat to seal and you’re done! I also chose to use a lighter green to add a stripe to the green part of my nail, making it more like the outside of a watermelon.

What We Ate


Being a complete beginner in the kitchen I left the cooking up to Orianna. All I provided was Coke, Doritos & Jaffa Cakes, the staple of any healthy diet! She made this delicious (for a salad it truely was!) caeser style salad. For the recipe check out her blog here!


What We Wore


Pink Playsuit: Forever 21 (similar here), Daisy Chain Necklace: River Island £7, White Cat Eye Sunglasses: River Island (similar here)

I chose to go for a bit of colour (seeing as its summer and all) and opted for this cute bright pink playsuit. I love the freedom of playsuits, especially this one as its very flowy and kept me nice & cool throughout the day. To up the girliness factor even more, because wearing cerise wasn’t enough apparently, I added my daisy chain necklace that I got recently (see post for my haul). To top it off I went for my white cat eye sunnies & flip flops.


Dress: (similar here) , Earrings: (similar here) , Sunglasses: (similar here)

Orianna wore this bright orange dress, which showed off her amazing figure beautifully. I love the colour of this dress, its a lovely red-orange shade which looked great against her recently tanned skin. She finished the look off with some orange feather statement earrings and some giant cat eye sunglasses!

What do you think? Check out Orianna’s half of the collab post here.

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂




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