What Pinterest Taught Me

Hey guys,

This weeks post is gonna be a short one so I can gather the pictures for next weeks post! I am a self confessed Pinterest addict (follow me here) and I thought I’d share some of the things it has taught me!

1. I can’t do hair…

Probably the first and most depressing of the things I have learnt from Pinterest is the fact that I am utterly useless at doing my hair. I purposely don’t have a hair board as I know my attempt in even the simplest of these will end in disaster and it ultimately just depresses me seeing such nice hair styles. Here is one of my favourites anyway…


2. Not to panic if I spill nail varnish…

I found this ingenious trick when I was randomly scrolling through my feed. I have wooden floors in my room so I must admit I freak out when I spill my nail varnish (it happens more often than not). Nail varnish remover on wood floor is not such a clever idea for those of you who haven’t faced this predicament before. All I need to do now is spill some nail varnish to see if this actually works!


3. Spoons are amazing things…

I actually stumbled across this one at work when I was finding content to put on our beauty page. Who knew there were so many amazing uses for spoons. By far my favourite of it’s uses has to be for the marble nails! Any of you who have tried (and failed like me) to do the original method in a cup of water will know it’s NOT as easy as it looks!


4. How to make a Wednesday afternoon interesting…

I love the food pins on Pinterest, infact my food boards outnumbered my fashion boards in pins at one point! I found this amazing recipe when I was searching for something sweet to pin on my ‘Room for Pudding board…‘. Jelly (Jell-O for my American readers) shots in strawberries? O.M.G! I convinced my friend that we needed to make them immediately, which turned out to be a Wednesday lunchtime! The result was pretty amazing although giant strawberries are required to get a decent amount of jelly alcohol goodness badness in the centre.


5. Mascara. You’re doing it wrong…

I always see people who have great lashes, great enough to wear without eyeliner! After a spot of eyelash envy I stumbled across this great tip for applying mascara. Admittedly it is far quicker to just brush it through my lashes a couple of times, but if I’m looking for the wow factor in my lashes I use this technique!


What are you favourite tutorials/tricks from Pinterest?

Leave me a message and let me know 🙂



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