How To: Heart Nails

Hi guys,

I decided to try something a little different with my nails this week and shaped them into stiletto nails. I’ve done this once before and I instantly regretted it! However I took the plunge again and loved them! I went for heart tipped nails, to give them a cute edge. When I was searching how to create this look on regular nails I found a lot of people complaining about how unpractical they were. I must say I’ve not found it much different to my normal nails. I personally found it easier to pick things up & because I rounded mine slightly they’re no sharper than my normal nails! Maybe it’s because mine aren’t super long. Anyway if you fancy giving this a go here’s how to recreate the look…

IMG_6846-0.JPGMake sure your nails are fairly long so you can get a good point when you clip them. These types of nails are perfect for if you have broken the side of a nail and don’t want to cut them all down to the same size.

I started off by clipping my nails into a point. Place the edge of the nail clipper so it lines up with the corner of your nail and the other edge is in line with the centre of your nail. Don’t be scared if they look too pointy were gonna file them next!

IMG_6847.JPGOnce you’ve clipped them all into shape, I like to file them to soften the look and make the points less vicious. Smooth out the edge and slightly round the point, to make them more wearable. I never bother filing my nails usually but I wouldn’t recommend skipping this step!!

Now you’ve got your nail all nice and shaped it’s time to start painting! Take a nude base colour & apply two coats to your nail (I used Barry M Silk Effect in Beige).

IMG_6848.JPGThis part is the trickiest, purely because you’ve gotta get it right 10 times. If I can managed it with my shakey hands so can you! Using a red (or pink) nail pen draw a small v in the middle of your nail, making sure it’s in line with the point of your nail.

Join each up the corners of your nail with the corners of the v you’ve painted & fill in the the heart shape you now have. Carefully go back over your heart tips with an extra coat, if needed.IMG_6845.JPGFinish with a clear layer of top coat once it’s dried (so the colour doesn’t bleed into your base coat) and you’re done!

I did this once years ago and filled in the entire heart with a thin nail pen. The result was a kind of lumpy effect, which I would not recommend! If you do have a nails pen make sure you have a normal polish brush in the exact same shade to make filling it in easier. This can be done with just a normal nail polish brush but it’s a lot harder to get the shape right.


Do you like stiletto nails? Would you try this look?

Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂







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