How To: Heart Nails

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I decided to try something a little different with my nails this week and shaped them into stiletto nails. I’ve done this once before and I instantly regretted it! However I took the plunge again and loved them! Continue reading


Way Back Wednesday

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This weeks post is another Where? What? When? feature but with a take on the Throwback Thursday (all my instagrammer’s will know) except its Wednesday so I had to change it. Anyway I decided to take you way back to when it was my birthday and share with you what I wore, a few pics and the recipe for one of the delicious cocktails I made!

When & Where?

For my birthday this year (2nd of May, write it down so you can buy me presents next year 😉 ) I went to a cocktail making masterclass at Be At One in London Covent Garden.


So basically you’re supposed to go into the bar (its closed to the public) and you & your group get to go behind and make 2-3 cocktails each. However we made friends with our teacher, by simply not pissing him off like most groups, and before I knew it I was hammered at 4pm. It’s safe to say we got our moneys worth, as we each made (and drank) about 5 cocktails plus there were a few shots thrown in too. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed making all the cocktails, I’d highly recommend it if you don’t know what to do for your next birthday!

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Me (left):
Tweed Playsuit – £27.50 Lipsy, Sheer Bomber Jacket – £55 Next, Green Strappy Bag – £20 River Island

Orianna (right): Floral Print Skort – Primark (similar here), Gold Leaf Necklace – similar here, Beige Top- similar here, Blazer- similar here

As for what I wore, I don’t really have many pictures that show it off properly (I have a post here). Here I am with fellow blogger Orianna Rosa slightly worse for wear after the cocktails. I wore my tweed Lipsy playsuit, tights (it was slightly colder then), wedges and topped it off with my favourite Next sheer bomber and bright green River Island bag. I loved wearing this outfit, I felt so comfy while not compromising on style, I even ended up clubbing in this later on that night and didn’t feel too underdressed! My nails I had painted the previous day for my birthday meal, inspired by this cute design I saw on Pinterest. I used Barry M Silk Nail Effects in Mist as a base and picked up some pearl studs at my local craft shop. I had originally planned to go get my nails done (it was my birthday and I was feeling lazy) but after being told they couldn’t do it by FIVE different nail shops, I got the hump and decided to do it myself. I have to admit this is extremely fiddlier than it looks and after completing one nail I decided one per hand was more than enough!

The June Bug

How to Make a June Bug - IngredientsHow to Make a June Bug - StepsImage for cocktail making graphic taken from Tesco, Topshop, Pinterest &

Have you tried a June Bug? What do you think?

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Think Floral

Hey Guys,

This weeks post is gonna be part review, part tutorial (similar to my spring nails post ). I recently picked up my belated birthday present from my Dads house, which was a 3 week nails Gel nails starter kit and thought I’d let you know what I think of it.

So what does it include?
Well you get the UV lamp, nail cleanser & remover, orange sticks, nail buffer as well as the base gel, top coat and 4 colours. The colours in my pack are two red shades, a pink and a red glitter polish.

20140528-085229-31949856.jpgImage taken from

What did I think?
When I first received the present I decided to immediately try it out. The pack doesn’t come with instructions on how to assemble the actual lamp, which is a bit of a pain but it’s fairly straightforward. Once I had managed to contort my hand so I could fit the bulbs into the lamp, it then became apparent that the bottom was removable for easy assess! Once I had the lamps clicked in it was a fairly simple process to follow. All you do is paint the base on, stick your hand in the lamp for 2 mins (made handy with the timer button) and repeat for every other coat you do (including individual colour coats & top coat of course). After that you simply wipe off the sticky film with the cleanser and you’re done, perfect nails for 3 weeks.

This is where the problem lays though. I can barely stick with one nail design a week let alone a plain colour for 3 weeks! On my first attempt I tried out the sparkly colour, which was a bit thin and required 3 coats, only to decide I was bored of the colour by dinner and promptly picked it off. I did persevere however and tried again using some of my own nail polishes in between the gel. This I would highly not recommend doing, it looked awful and wouldn’t set properly, much to my dismay! In the end I decided to use the pink colour provided and painted on a pretty daisy design on with my nail pens. This worked quite well and I’m happy with the result & finish so far, I’ll keep you updated if the gel ruins my nails in a few weeks when I come to take it off. It’s been 5 days so fair and they’ve not chipped at all, even after being at work and doing the washing up (my normal polish would be ruined by now)!


Here’s the tutorial for my daisy look. You’ll need a base colour of your choice, a white & orange nail art pen and top coat.

First off start by painting on your base colour, two coats should be enough to get a decent colour and let it dry.

After it’s touch dry (or dry enough to drag your brush over if you’re impatient like me) you can start your daisys. Take your white pen and draw short lines from the corner of your nail fanning out as you go. Keep the line touching at the centre so it looks more like a flower than a star burst.

Next get your orange nail pen (or orange nail polish and a dotting device) and place a small dot in the middle of the flower you’ve drawn. Presto, one daisy!

Repeat to your liking and finish with a clear top coat to seal.

Sorry for the lack of visuals I’ve been super busy but will be uploading more later.

Will you be trying these nails out?

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Spring Nails

Hi Guys,

Just a short post today. I tried out this new design on my nails, that was inspired by the new polish I got in my Something New post and really liked it. So I decided to share it with you.

It’s not exactly a ‘new’ design I’ve done this pattern a few times before in different colours but wanted to try out a design with my new pink shade & my white polish. The result was this very cute spring look, that will look great against a tan (as all lighter nail polish shades usually do).Nails 1

Ok so to start paint your nails your base colour. I used Barry M Nail Paint in 66 Matt White but you can use any colour you like. LET IT DRY. I cannot stress this enough, I do not mean touch dry I mean bone dry! If you don’t then you will just peel all of your polish off when you apply the tape later. Trust me I’ve done it loads of times, I usually find it easier if I leave them for a day and just update my plain nails the next day.Nails 2

Ok so now they’ve dried (hopefully) get out your trusty Sellotape. I recommend taping it to your hand first to remove some of the stickiness. Place your tape diagonally over half of your nail (the part you wish to keep white or whatever base colour you chose). Take your second colour and paint over the exposed half of nail. I chose Rita Ora for Rimmel in 203 Lose Your Lingerie, which only needed one coat over the white this time!
Nails 3

Wait for it to dry & apply your top coat of choice to secure your design. Done! I used Miss Sporty Disco Tech topcoat which I’ve only just found out glows under UV lights, how cool is that!
Will you be trying this out? What did you think?

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I Wear My Heart On My Nails

Hi Guys!

I decided to test out my new polish I bought last week (see post here) and although I quite liked the look of the chic white nails, I felt that they needed a little something to jazz them up! While I was busy pinning away on my Pinterest I came across this ingenious little trick and thought i’d use it on freshly painted white nails. The result that I cooked up was these adorable little rainbow stripe heart nails and it worked so well (I was expecting to have to repaint that nail) that I’ve made this tutorial for you guys to try yourself. I’m nice like that 🙂

What you'll need

Ok so obviously lets start off with what you’ll need. I used Barry M Nail Paint in Matt White 66 (a decent white polish will suffice), a selection of different nail art pens in different colours, sellotape & sissors. Now don’t ask me where the nail art pens are from, they were a gift years ago and they don’t actually have any branding or name on them, sorry! Any nail art pens will do, as long as they have a skinny brush as well as the pin top or you could use a skinny paint brush  instead. Paint your nails your base colour first and let it dry, if its too wet the tape will stick and rip the polish off with it.


Start off by taking a piece of tape and sticking it to the back of your hand. This takes the majority of the stickiness off, trust me you don’t wanna stick that tape straight to your nails it will just rip the polish off and then you’ll be hating life. Unpeel it from the back of your hand and fold it in half, holding the ends. TAKE CARE NOT TO STICK THE TWO ENDS TOGETHER (LIKE ME) IT IS A NIGHTMARE TO UNPEEL!! Then take your scissors (adult supervision may be required) and cut out half a of a heart shape, try not to cut it too big its gonna have to fit on your nail remember. For a better tutorial on how to do this part click here. Peel the tape in half and you should have a heart shaped hole in your tap, stick this onto your nails.


Next up take your nail pens and paint a thin line in your different colours over the tape. I left little gaps between each lines so that the colours really stood out. Try not to do too thick a coat, you only need one but if its too thick then when you remove the tape it may pull it across the other colours (that’s what happened to the orange).


Carefully peel your tape off once you’ve let them dry slightly. If all goes well you should end up with something that looks a little like this. Cute right? I almost don’t wanna throw the tape away! There you go, done. Super easy, super cute nails, all you need to do now is put on a top coat and sit back & admire them.


You could try this out in a range of different colours or patterns. I originally planned to go for black stripes but opted for colours instead. Alternatively you could do dots, criss cross or even just a solid colour. It looks pretty cool against the white but that could easily be swapped for another colour too. I’m definitely gonna be trying these out in a range of different colours and patterns!

What do you think? Will you be giving these a go?

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It’s a Rocky Road


I went out last night and my friend stayed at mine after, so I decided the morning after (aka today) we would have a girly afternoon making yummy treats & watching a movie seeing as we haven’t seen each other for ages! The treat of choice was my favourite Rocky Road Bars, which are pretty simple and taste delicious. So I’ve decided to go for my second tutorial and show you guys how to make them :)!


To start off you’re gonna need a few of the following things:
– 125g/4½oz soft unsalted butter
– 300g/10½oz dark chocolate
– 3 tbsp golden syrup
– 200g/7¼oz rich tea biscuits
– 100g/3½oz marshmallows (mini are better but big cut up are fine)
– 2 tsp icing sugar, to dust (if you want)20130921-200516.jpg Now of course you don’t have to use the exact same brands as me, any will do. It works better with posher dark chocolate (apparently) but I’ve just gone for Asda’s own, as I didn’t wanna spend a small fortune on stuff I don’t really like.
* After making these myself using this recipe, I would suggest change the quantity of biscuits to 100/150g and the chocolate to 400g. Also they are quite bitter using the chocolates I bought, so maybe go for a sweeter dark chocolate or do one 200g bar of dark & one 200g bar of milk to slightly sweeten it a bit! *


First off (after hand washing of course) break up your chocolate into small pieces, don’t get too OCD you’re just gonna be melting it in a sec anyway. Do the same with the butter, its way easier to melt smaller pieces as opposes to a huge slab! If you went for big marshmallows, like me, you might as well cut em up now save your chocolate waiting later.


Put the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy-based saucepan over a gentle heat (aka warm enough for it to melt but not so high it burns after a few seconds). Remove from the heat, scoop out about 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted mixture and set aside in a bowl. This is gonna be for the top, you don’t have to be too precise, you just want to leave the majority in the saucepan!


Stick your biscuits into a sandwich or freezer bag (something you can close) and whack the hell out of it with a rolling pin. This works especially well if you envision someone you don’t like but don’t go too mad we want a few crumbs but mostly some pieces of biscuit left over.


Tip your recently crushed biscuits into the chocolate mixture in your saucepan, folding them in with a figure 8 movement. Add in your (now mini) marshmallows and stir.

Next pour the mixture into a 24cm/9in square baking tin (don’t freak if it not the right size as long as the mixture fits in your good pretty much). Smooth the top with a wet spatula, make sure it’s wet the chocolate is less likely to just stick to it.

Now cover the top of the mixture with the rest of the chocolate we put aside (remember that? Hope you haven’t just eaten it!) and then with another, or the same but cleaned, wet spatula smooth the top so that it’s even and looks prettier.


Whack the tray in the fridge for two hours or overnight (if you can wait that long). I would suggest covering with cling film, you don’t want it to taste like everything else that in your fridge!

Finally cut into pieces, about 24 squares or less if you want greedy size chunks, and dust with your icing sugar if you really want. Voila, done! Enjoy your yummy treats, try not to consume the majority of them yourself (like moi) I wouldn’t say they were exactly diet friendly!!


Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, let me know what you thought or if you’re going to give them a go yourself!

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂