Top 5 Favourite Cocktails

Hey Guys,

This weeks post is gonna be on my top 5 favourite cocktails (as the post title suggests).Personally I love a cocktail whether they’re virgin or the regular alcoholic kind. There’s something I find sophisticated about sipping a cocktail, it makes me feel like one of the Sex and the City girls! It was quite hard to whittle down the finalists but here they are Continue reading


A Burst of Colour


So this is my first proper post back from my ‘blogging break’ so go easy on me guys. I thought I’d start you off by showing you some of the items I’ve purchased for this summer. Now as previous readers of my post may or may not have noticed I like to wear a lot of black or white, who doesn’t love a bit of chic monochrome! However as these are my buys for summer I’ve decided to go all out and invest in a few pops of vibrant colour! Now I caught a bit of River Island fever and the majority of what I purchased is from there.
20140314-141628.jpgFirst off I decided to reinvest into some Havaianas. I had previously owned this beautiful silver pair that a family friend had given me as a gift and I practically lived in them every summer but tragically last year on my trip to Ayia Napa they went missing! This time I decided to order them in black. Boring I know but they didn’t have my beloved silver ones available and black goes with everything people. Anyway I have fallen back in love with these as soon as I slipped them on, they are just so damn comfy!! Havaianas are seriously one of my favourite flip-flops, they last forever, are super comfy compared to other brands and come in a range of funky colours (other than these slightly boring black ones I’ve purchased). At £20 they might seem a bit pricey for just basic flip-flops but to me they are well worth it!


OK next up is this fluro orange bikini, the pictures may make it looks coral but in real life its more traffic cone. Now I must admit when I originally chose this (my boyfriend they kindly agreed to buy this for me) I didn’t quite expect it to be quite this bright. However I still love it and the bright colour will look fabulous against a tan! The feature that drew me to this particular bikini was the beautiful jewel detail to the center. The gems really stand out against the vivid orange of the bikini and the pink ones make for a nice colour clash, giving it an edge on your average triangle bikini.
20140314-141751.jpg When it arrived I noticed that you were able to detach the middle gem part (I presume this is for washing purposes) which gave me the idea of attaching it in different places. This means that I could attach it to the bottoms and give my bikini a totally different twist or even jazz up some of my other bikinis. How useful! Another feature I loved about this bikini is that it had a slight bit of padding inside, not so much so that its misleading but enough to not make me look completely flat chested. The set is available to mix & match with the different colours but being old school I went for the matching set which came to £28 in total (£18 for the top & £10 for the bottoms).


Last but definitely not least I decided to buy a bag for my next holiday (I’m off to Turkey in October). Now when it comes to holidays I prefer my bags to be more on the small side and preferably with a long strap, no one needs to be lugging around unnecessary weight in the heat! So I went for this super cute green number. As I said earlier I wear a lot of black or white so thought this fun bag would be an excellent way of injected a bit of colour into my outfits. Again like with the bikini I wasn’t quite expecting the bag to be this bright. The colour is quite hard to explain it kind of reminds me of the colour of the bright green mint choc chip ice cream you sometimes see in expensive ice cream shops or the fluorescent mushy peas you see in chip shops, either way the pictures don’t do it justice! I love the contrast of the black piping and gold details to the front, plus size wise its perfect for sunnies, lotion & money. On the downside I did notice that the finishing on the long strap wasn’t that great and I was slightly bummed there wasn’t a zip pocket inside. Aside from these I can’t complain especially at only £20!20140314-141809.jpg

Now I’m still awaiting some of my other orders from my payday splurge to arrive so make sure you come back for part 2!

Are you looking forward to summer? Bought any summer bargains yet?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂