Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to announce the winner of my giveaway! Sadly it had to end. First off I’d like to thank everyone who has entered and all the great new blogs I’ve been able to check out because of it. There can be only one winner, as much as I’d like to send a pair to each of you, and she is the lovely Beth Thomas from! A big congratulations to her and if you haven’t checked out her blog already take a look.




Way Back Wednesday

Hi Guys,

This weeks post is another Where? What? When? feature but with a take on the Throwback Thursday (all my instagrammer’s will know) except its Wednesday so I had to change it. Anyway I decided to take you way back to when it was my birthday and share with you what I wore, a few pics and the recipe for one of the delicious cocktails I made!

When & Where?

For my birthday this year (2nd of May, write it down so you can buy me presents next year 😉 ) I went to a cocktail making masterclass at Be At One in London Covent Garden.


So basically you’re supposed to go into the bar (its closed to the public) and you & your group get to go behind and make 2-3 cocktails each. However we made friends with our teacher, by simply not pissing him off like most groups, and before I knew it I was hammered at 4pm. It’s safe to say we got our moneys worth, as we each made (and drank) about 5 cocktails plus there were a few shots thrown in too. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed making all the cocktails, I’d highly recommend it if you don’t know what to do for your next birthday!

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Me (left):
Tweed Playsuit – £27.50 Lipsy, Sheer Bomber Jacket – £55 Next, Green Strappy Bag – £20 River Island

Orianna (right): Floral Print Skort – Primark (similar here), Gold Leaf Necklace – similar here, Beige Top- similar here, Blazer- similar here

As for what I wore, I don’t really have many pictures that show it off properly (I have a post here). Here I am with fellow blogger Orianna Rosa slightly worse for wear after the cocktails. I wore my tweed Lipsy playsuit, tights (it was slightly colder then), wedges and topped it off with my favourite Next sheer bomber and bright green River Island bag. I loved wearing this outfit, I felt so comfy while not compromising on style, I even ended up clubbing in this later on that night and didn’t feel too underdressed! My nails I had painted the previous day for my birthday meal, inspired by this cute design I saw on Pinterest. I used Barry M Silk Nail Effects in Mist as a base and picked up some pearl studs at my local craft shop. I had originally planned to go get my nails done (it was my birthday and I was feeling lazy) but after being told they couldn’t do it by FIVE different nail shops, I got the hump and decided to do it myself. I have to admit this is extremely fiddlier than it looks and after completing one nail I decided one per hand was more than enough!

The June Bug

How to Make a June Bug - IngredientsHow to Make a June Bug - StepsImage for cocktail making graphic taken from Tesco, Topshop, Pinterest &

Have you tried a June Bug? What do you think?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂


Everyday Love

Hi Guys,

I recently had to pick out an impromptu outfit courtesy of my boyfriend, for a evening he had planned for us (cute I know). Anyway along my travels I discovered Lipsy’s New Everyday range and was instantly smitten (and then heartbroken when they were all out of stock). The range includes dresses and playsuit around the £30 mark.

Lipsy Dresses

The first style I found was these amazing asymmetric hem dresses. Available in striped, navy, teal and orange, I immediately wanted one in every colour! From £26 these dresses are a steal, especially from Lipsy. I love the chic hem and the versatility if these dresses. I could see myself wearing one with a floppy hat and cute sandals during the day or with killer heels & a contrasting clutch for a night out. I particularly fond of the orange & striped version (you know I’m a sucker for stripes).

Lipsy Dress Outfit Day
Dress – Lipsy at Next £28,
Hat – Topshop £28, Bag – River Island £30, Shoes – ASOS £74.99

Lipsy Playsuits

My next favourite find was these adorable playsuits. They come in pink or black only but I still love them both. The playsuit is quite a simple design with a pretty crossover back detail. Again like with the dresses I could see myself rocking this for either day or night. For night I’d pair it with nude shoes, for legs for days, a statement necklace and simple clutch. Daytime I’d wear it with some summery flats, a cross body mini satchel and some giant sunnies!

Lipsy Everyday Fashion Playsuit Outfit NightPlaysuit – Lipsy at Next £24,
Bag – River Island £10, Cuff – River Island £12, Heels – River Island £55

Which are your favourites? How would you style them?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



Hey guys,

Just a quick one. I’ve recently set up a Depop account and am selling a few items. If you’ve never heard of Depop before now (like me), it’s this cool app that allows you to sell/buy unwanted clothing and other items to users. It’s kinda a cross between eBay & Instagram. Feel free to check them out or even follow me! Stayed tuned for this weeks post on Wednesday. 🙂


Do any of you have Depop?

Leave me a message and let me know 🙂


Where? What? When? #1


So this weeks post is gonna be a take on my classic Orange Wednesday post that I used to do. However I’ve renamed it and decided to have a mix up of the layout! I’ll be covering where I went, what I wore & when, as well as my thoughts on what I’ve done.

Where & When?

Last Wednesday I headed off to the cinema as part of our custom weekly ritual. This time I went to go see A Million Ways To Die In The West which I was super excited for after watching Ted! Keep reading to find out what I thought of it…



Maxi dress – similar here,  Black & gold necklace – £7.40 Forever 21,
Skull flip flops – Primark (similar here), Sheer bomber jacket – £55 Next

As the weather was supposed to be a warm 23°c with abundant sunshine but instead was a very cloudy 22°c, I decided to opt for a summer staple – the maxi dress. This one was a present brought back from my parents recent holiday and a replacement of one my other maxi dresses that had become misshapen. Unlike my previous Topshop version this maxi has a much simpler design with no side splits and a cute racer back. I love this version as its so lightweight & comfortable and the colour is really gorgeous. You can’t really tell from the photos as the sun kind of bleaches it out but the dress is a very pale pink colour with a subtle metallic sheen to it, which really brought out my tan! The only problem I had with this dress is that it was slightly too low at the front and sides, meaning my bra kept peeking out but nothing that wasn’t fixed by taking the straps up slightly.


I teamed my maxi with my black skull flip flops (a summer favourite of mine) and this statement necklace I picked up on a recent shopping trip. As I was going to the cinema, which tend to be quite cool inside, I decided to bring my sheer black bomber from Next just in case. I can’t describe how much I adore this jacket! It’s become my go to jacket for a night out, as the sheer sleeves & back still show off my outfit while keeping me looking smart. The good weather last week made me feel super summery and inspired me to paint my talons with this fruity design. I got loads of compliments on strawberry nails and they’ve certainly kept me cheery when the weather wasn’t! As for my makeup, I’ve got a total girl crush on Kylie Jenner recently and decided to try & copy her flawless look. The eye makeup was surprisingly easy to do and looks super flattering in real life (the picture doesn’t do it justice), however no matter how much mascara I applied I just could not recreate those luscious lashes of hers. Falsie are definitely needed for us mortals!

a million waysImage taken from

Rating: 15

As a cowardly farmer begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, he must put his new-found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious gun-slinger, announces his arrival.

Taken from

Well let’s start off by saying it’s definitely not as laugh out loud funny as Ted but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I went in with high expectations for this film (always a bad idea) and I wasn’t too disappointed. It wasn’t as hilariously amazing as I would have hoped but it certainly has it’s moments! If you go in with slightly lower expectations than mine, then I think most people will really enjoy it, it’s pretty easy watching and it is funny. There’s a story there too which helps, something that there isn’t always in your regular comedies. All I will say is ‘people die at the fair’. Also is it wrong I find Seth MacFarlane kinda cute?

What do you think? How do you wear your maxi dresses?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂


Nailed It!


I was shopping in my local Boots store when I came across these House of Holland for Elegant Touch nail packs on the clearance shelf. I’m not usually one for false nails but the designs on these packs are amazing, if you haven’t already seen/heard of them (they came out last year) check them out here. Normally around £9 I couldn’t resist picking up the Get Nailed pack at the clearance price of £2, even if just for the stickers!Get Nailed HOH

The pack comes with 24 false nails in 10 sizes as well as nail glue, a nail file & the set of alphabet stickers (oh and instructions but who needs those!). The false nails themselves come in white with a black outline, which I did quite like, but personally I found that the nails were a little too long for my liking. I’ve placed them over my natural nails in the picture and once they’re all on they do look pretty good, however I decided to leave these and just use the stickers on my natural nails instead.


The first problem I had with these stickers was what on earth to write across my digits. After brainstorming for several minutes and coming up with nothing, I decided to play it safe and stick with the alphabet (or the first 10 letters at least). The letters themselves are quite tricky to peel off the backing and I found that if they stuck to themselves they weren’t coming  apart. I managed to get my left hand done fairly straightforward (I had a minor set back with the B) and they looked quite good. On my right hand though it was a whole different story! The letters were all wonky and the stickers kept folding over when I stuck them down or ruining my base colour. I’m guessing this is probably why they’re meant to go onto the false nails to make the application a little easier.

Overall I really like the look of these (if I ignore my right hand) although I probably wouldn’t have paid full price for them. If you like false nails though and don’t mind them being a little long, then I’d highly recommend these as the designs are so fun!

Have you tried these out? Whats your favourite HOH nail design?

Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂



Hi Guys,

I’m super excited today as I’m holding my first ever giveaway!! Basically I ordered some shoes recently and when they arrived they were the wrong size (sob sob). Anyway I thought instead of paying to send them back to get a refund, I’d give them away to one lucky reader. The shoes in question are these rockstud STYLE black flats (now obviously they are not real or I would be getting my £600 or so back!). I had originally ordered a UK size 5 (size 38) but these ones are a size 37 which I’m guessing is a UK 4 (?), either way they are way too small for my poor feet. They’re brand new black pointed toe pumps with a cream studded cage style to the front and faux buckle. They fasten with little hooks which are actually quite sturdy and look really nice on (if only they didn’t cripple me I’d definitely be keeping them!).

shoes giveawayImage taken from

All you have to do to enter is simply click the link below or here, answer one question on your shoe size (so I know if the shoes will fit you) and follow my blog if you aren’t already. I’ve also added in a way to gain a few extra entries by following me on either my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Bloglovin accounts. Winners will be picked at random and contacted by email for delivery details.

Happy Friday 😀



Competition is for 1 x Jilianxi Black Studded Cage Flats Size 37 only. Corrange reserve the right to amend or withdraw offers at any time. No cash alternatives are available. Competition will be live for 28 days, from 6th June to 23.59 on 2nd July. Entries must be submitted via the link above.